The attorneys and professionals at USMA Law Group represent market participants evaluating financial recovery options. We understand market structure as well as we do litigation. We advise clients on specific situations when these worlds intersect. USMA Law Group team members have deep domain prowess with long careers in the legal industry, information technology and generally working in regulated financial markets.

The professional investor focused law and advisory firm of USMA Law Group is dedicated to educating clients on options when experiencing investments damaged by fraud, illegal market manipulation and other misconduct in the capital markets. Securities and anti-trust class action litigation can be difficult to follow. We guide our clients through the labyrinth and simplify the complex so they can be confident in their choices on how to pursue financial recovery most efficiently.

In addition to advising a global base of asset managers and investors, the collective expertise of our team positions USMA Law Group to advise and assist other law firms requiring market and investor analyses for litigation initiatives. We often work collaboratively with these firms to pursue the optimal recovery strategy for clients.